Remington 870 assembly instructions :: Assembly

Remington 870 assembly instructions

I plan to record a video showing Remington 870 Disassembly and Reassembly but now I want to share instruction with photos on how to disassemble and reassemble Remington 870 shotgun.

Never forget about the safety rules when disassembling shotgun. There are known cases when carelessness during disassemble of a gun was cause of a dangerous accidents.

WARNING! Check the ejection port, chamber and magazine tube to make sure that there are no shells in the shotgun.

Remington 870 Disassembly

1. Engage the safety.

2. Push the action bar lock upward and pull the forend back to open the action.
Slide the forend back approximately halfway.

3. Unscrew and remove the magazine cap (magazine extension).
If you have a magazine cap, spring is held in place by a magazine spring retainer, if you have a magazine extension, spring is held by extension itself and will fly away when extension is removed, be careful to hold the magazine extension firmly and decompress magazine spring slowly.
Attention! Magazine spring is under pressure, wear eye protection.

4. Take out the magazine spring and follower.

5. Pull the barrel from the receiver.

7. Slide the forend forward and off the magazine tube. Hold the bolt and the bolt carrier because they will fall off from the action bars.

8. Take out the bolt and bolt carrier from the rear of the action bars.

9. This step is for the Remington 870 which doesn’t have magazine extension and spring is kept in place by the magazine spring retainer.
Attention! Magazine spring is under pressure, wear eye protection.
Insert a flat head screwdriver into the slot in the magazine spring retainer. Push the magazine spring retainer into the magazine tube and rotate it. This will allow you to take it out.

10. Push out and remove two pins from the receiver.

11. Take out the trigger group. If you have pistol grip stock you may experience a problem removing the trigger group from the receiver. There is no need to remove the stock, there is a simple solution, just push the carrier forward to the magazine tube and then pull out the trigger group.

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