Tattoo gun assembly instructions :: Assembly

Tattoo gun assembly instructions

Set up Your Tattoo Machine

Learning how to assemble a tattoo gun is a difficult task that is performed by licensed, professional tattoo artists. Now that tattoo reality shows are part of regular programming on television networks, people who never dreamed of stepping foot in a tattoo parlor want to break into the industry and obtain the job title of tattoo artist. A professional apprenticeship in a tattoo shop is the only way to learn how to tattoo. Attempting to learn how to tattoo on your own can lead to an angry mob of friends and family members with shoddy tattoos, scarring, bacterial infections or worse, diseases.

To assemble a tattoo gun, you will need:

  • Tattoo machine
  • Gloves
  • Needle
  • Tube
  • Clip cord
  • Power supply
  • Foot pedal
  1. Put on a pair of latex gloves. Always wear gloves when handling sterile instruments, such as tubes and needles and your tattoo machine. Gloves prevent bacteria from your hands transferring to your instruments and then to the client’s skin. Gloves also protect you from any blood borne diseases, such as hepatitis, that the client may have.
  2. Hold the tattoo machine in one gloved hand. Slide the tube into the machine with the small opening, or tip, towards the front of the machine.
  3. Line up the needle in the tube hole. Push the needle through the tube until the tip of the needle passes through the tube tip. Press the loop on the back of the needle down onto the grommet at the back of the tattoo machine.
  4. Adhere the clip cord onto the back of the tattoo machine on the binding posts. Insert the other side of the clip cord into the plug on your power supply. Press down on the foot pedal and observe the tattoo needle moving in and out of the tube tip. The tattoo machine is now assembled and ready to perform.

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