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Assembly Technician Job Description

Perform complex and advanced assembly of products according to established specifications and instructions.

Perform high precision calibration and advanced adjustments using testing instruments.

Interact directly with customers to meet customer expectations and product specifications.

Develop assembly and test procedures to promote production of quality products.

Monitor the functioning of all equipment and report any problems or substandard condition to the supervisor.

Ensure all log books are maintained according to standard operating procedures.

Perform equipment assembly according to engineering drawings.

Perform cleaning of all parts as per established cleaning procedures.

Perform pre-assembly activities such as cleaning and lubricating.

Conduct product testing and performance testing and record the results.

Perform final checks and adjustments for any defects to ensure high quality products.

Perform installation, repair, inspection, reassembly, replacing, refitting, and adjusting products as required.

Order and stock materials and supplies to avoid materials shortages.

Receive, unload, unpack and transfer materials to different work stations.

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