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A magnifying glass over the definition ofWith so many scams out there, it's important to immediately recognize a fraud to avoid wasted time or worse.

When you decide to work from home, a world of options opens up. During your search for a job, you're likely to encounter a number of work from home assembly jobs. The advertisements look enticing and fun; you can stay home and make a part time income doing something you love. Especially if you are the arts and crafts type, it can seem like a dream job opportunity for any stay at home mom.

It may seem feasible, as these companies are asking you to make their products at home, and they will pay you for it. However, how realistic are their hidden expectations? Are work at home assembly jobs legit or just another scam in the world of work from home jobs?

The Work from Home Assembly Job

There are many different types of work from home assembly jobs. Most of them are craft related, as opposed to requiring handy work or knowledge of technology. The most popular specialize in beaded jewelry, or other handcrafted jewelry and crafts that require you to paint, cut, sew and hot glue gun products into sell-able items. Wearable beaded earrings, necklaces, crosses and adorable magnetics are among the products you can make from home.

The finished products are sold on the company website and others are sold in stores. For a stay at home mom, the variety of crafts available make the work at home assembly job even more tempting. Yet, there are a few catches.

The Truth About Work from Home Assemly Jobs

With this type of work, you pay a fee to receive a starter kit. It is explained that the fee is necessary to prove you are serious about producing their product and cover costs. The company sends you instructions (which are usually unclear, although they are in step by step format) and some even offer DVDs that show a live demonstration of the products being made (at an additional cost). You will also receive materials and supplies needed to create one or more pieces of the product to be sent in for an inspection they aren't likely to pass. It seems that the company cares about the quality of their products. However, once you do produce a product that passes inspection, you end up shelling out more cash to order more supplies to make more products that need to pass more inspections. This is how work at home assembly companies really earn their dollar: not from the sales of the products being made, but from the people who are making them!

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