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Pay for 25 Legitimate Assembly
In Most Cases, Yes
Here is how many of the work at home craft job providers operate: They ask you to send them money to cover instructions, and perhaps even the materials required to make a sample to send to them. You receive the instructions, make the sample, and send it in. Typically, what happens is the company will then send you a letter saying that your sample did not pass their quality control inspection. You then have no craft assembly job, and they have your money.

That’s not to say that there are no legitimate at home craft assembly jobs available. There are, in fact, some companies that pay artisans to make items for them. The trick is learning how to sift through the scams to find real opportunities.

Keep in mind too that these companies are offering home jobs, not business opportunities. While a business opportunity will usually require you to pay a fee or purchase business materials, a job should not.

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But is there a way to find a free legitimate work at home assembly job?
Yes there is. I actually gave you the secret earlier in this article. Can you spot it? Well I'll give you a hint. It's two paragraphs up. Still can't find it? Okay, I'll tell you. Did you notice I used the word "artisan" and not "assembly worker"? That is the keyword you should be searching for on job websites, Google.com, etc.

The keyword work from assembly or craft work at home will more likely bring you scams, or home based business opportunities. But if you search for "artisan jobs", "artisans wanted" or variations of it, you'll find a number of legitimate opportunities.

We've pretty much done the work for you and have listed several work at assembly and craft work from home jobs. Be sure to check them out.

One work at home assembly opportunity that I personally recommend is Disciples Cross which is a Christian work at home company under the ownership of Pastor John Raymond. This is one of the few craft related companies that is actually honest and legitimate. I say this because they are actually reachable by telephone and email. The Pastor runs a well known church so he can't risk scamming people because it would make him lose his credibility and you could actually track him down at his church if he was shady. And finally they back their opportunity with an iron clad guarantee. So Disciples Cross is definitely the company to work with if you are interested in work from home assembly jobs. It's one of the very few where you have absolutely nothing to lose to try it out.

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