Assembly language Programming :: Assembly

Assembly language Programming

Apple IIGS Assembly Language

Assembly language programming under UNIX® is highly undocumented. It is generally assumed that no one would ever want to use it because various UNIX® systems run on different microprocessors, so everything should be written in C for portability.

In reality, C portability is quite a myth. Even C programs need to be modified when ported from one UNIX® to another, regardless of what processor each runs on. Typically, such a program is full of conditional statements depending on the system it is compiled for.

Even if we believe that all of UNIX® software should be written in C, or some other high-level language, we still need assembly language programmers: Who else would write the section of C library that accesses the kernel?

In this chapter I will attempt to show you how you can use assembly language writing UNIX® programs, specifically under FreeBSD.

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