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The AvengersThe awesomeness of a superhero is great but the awesomeness of a group of superheroes is beyond words. No wonder Marvel Comics came up with The Avengers.
The Avengers is a fictional team that is composed of different superheroes from Marvel Comics. The team was conceptualized and created by Stan Lee (writer) and Jack Kirby (artist) who were encouraged by the success of Justice League by DC Comics. The superhero team made its first appearance on September 1963 in the comics entitled The Avengers #1.
Originally, the team is composed of Doctor Henry Pym who is also known as Ant Man, Janet Van Dyne who is also known as Wasp, Bruce Banner who is also known as the Hulk, and Thor. It is also known that Captain America joined the team when he had been discovered and revived by the team after being trapped under mounds of ice for years.

After that, the roster of members kept on changing. There came a time when Captain America was the only one left and was ironically able to recruit ex-villains including Quicksilver, the Scarlet Witch, and Hawkeye tobe the new members of The Avengers. Because of this, the team is often jokingly called as Cap's Kooky Quartet.
The popularity of the team is mainly from the combined popularity of its members. Thus, many The Avengers games and merchandises have been produced. The Avengers games are available as online flash games but it is expected that remarkable The Avengers games will be produced upon the release of the movie in the coming year.

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Disney Publishing Worldwide Avengers Origins: Assemble!
Mobile Application (Disney Publishing Worldwide)
  • Interactive Activities throughout!
  • Match the heroic accessory with Captain America, Thor, Ant-Man, the Wasp and Iron Man!
  • Use Thor s powers or the Hulk s strength to stop the Atlanteans and Namor.
  • Melt the ice to free Captain America from his frozen prison!
  • Find the hidden Avengers symbols to win an extra-special No-Prize!
  • Narration from Avengers co-creator Stan Lee!
  • Read to Me, Read by Myself, Auto-Turn and Younger Reader Modes!
  • Action-packed Artwork, Sound Effects and Music!
AfaliaGamer Marvel Puzzle
Mobile Application (AfaliaGamer)
  • It´s a free game, consisting in moving the pieces to the correct square in order to assemble the picture
  • After finishing a level, the score you got and a complete statistic with information about your best time, the number of movements, as well as your worst time and...
  • When you exit a game, the state of the puzzle will be automatically saved. So you can continue whenever you want.
  • The game has three funny styles:
  • - Classic style: Enjoy playing many levels of each world.
  • - Time trial style: Resolve the puzzle before time finishes.
Doctor's Associates Inc. SUBWAY Kids
Mobile Application (Doctor's Associates Inc.)
  • Jared s Pant Dance Game - Help Jared stay fit by catching all the tasty, better-for-you options like apple slices and milk for more points and see how high you can...
  • A new set of games, videos, activities and more every month
  • This month we re featuring Marvel s Avengers Assemble, games and other cool stuff!
Cardinal UNO Marvel Avengers Assemble Card Game Tin Edition
Toy (Cardinal)
  • Same great UNO plus the EXCLUSIVE S.H.I.E.L.D. card and play!
  • 112 Custom Cards Featuring The Avengers
  • When you re down to one card, don t forget to yell UNO!
  • Tin Box Edition
The Wonder Forge Marvel Avengers Assemble Slide Strike Game
Toy (The Wonder Forge)
  • Promotes strategic thinking
  • Encourages deductive reasoning
  • Leverages unique special powers of the Avengers and Hydra

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