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Avengers Assemble Hawkeye

He Hawkeye (real name Clinton "Clint" Barton) is a member of the Avengers.


Before SHIELD and the Avengers, Hawkeye used to be a member of the Circus of Crime under the name Trickshot. He and the circus met Ant-Man and stole money from his town, before Ant-Man realised they were criminals and betrayed them, also making Clint taking a shot to the head with one of his arrows, causing him to hold a grudge toward him until The New Guy, where he learned Scott never knew that Clint was Trickshot. He later betrayed the team during one of their biggest crime, causing them to get all caught, but Fury saw something in him and offered Clint a place in SHIELD, which he accepted. Hawkeye later joined the Avengers. Leaving the team after it was disbanded by Tony Stark, he took to being a solo superhero. After stopping the Frightful Four on his own, he received the Avengers Protocol and laughed at it, questioning if it was a joke and expecting Iron Man to emerge with hidden cameras. However, Iron Man insisted that it was not and told him that the Avengers needed him. After arriving at the Avengers Mansion with Iron Man, Hulk and Thor, Hawkeye made fun of Iron Man's leadership skills, stating that he might be able to lead them to Los Vegas before being told by Iron Man that their situation was serious and to not joke for the moment.

He then revealed to Hawkeye and the others that Captain America had been killed in the line of duty fighting against Red Skull, whom vaporized him. Hawkeye and the others watched the archived footage of Captain America's death and decided to join Iron Man in defeating the Red Skull after he revealed to them that he could not do his battle against him alone, with Hawkeye telling him as he rejoined that all he did was point and shoot. Hawkeye departed with the other Avengers to the arctic, Red Skull's base of operations. While aboard the Quinjet, Hawkeye was threatened by Hulk to be dropped due his insults towards the latter and thanked him for holding him outside of the jet, as he was able to view their enemies. While fighting the HYDRA agents, Hulk and Thor started to talk over their battle strategies. Hawkeye asked them if they mind and told them that he was fighting there before Hulk told him to fight somewhere else as he grabbed him.

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