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Hca is the best when i went it was being paspastored by a pastor by the name of Dave Carlson he was a great pastor then a pastor Steve Norman then later soon to be co pastor a man named Curtis McKinney changes hca into with God's help to the great church i can't seem to get enough of God is good all the time and all the time God is good @ hca


If you want to grow spiritually... let God plant you here. – I have been a Christian for many years. But i have not arrived and i need the life changing sermons i recieve at Hemet Christian Assembly.

The pastors are very real and touchable.

The enthuastic praise and worship is a rich blessing.

If your toes get stepped on... God can heal them.

Todays Church – I have been a member of HCA for many years. Pastor Steve and Pastor McKinney have been like family to all of us. The great thing about this church is that we are family. Our pastors are not afraid to talk about real issues. No matter what the content. We are not politically correct! We believe in all the Bible has to say. Both of our pastors have come from checkered pasts. Many of the sermons bring to light the real world we live in. Many times these sermons are brought out in a comedic way. Our pastors are real, down to earth, and most importantly.HUMAN. If you are ever blessed enough to be in our area, please come and visit! God Bless!

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