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Agape Apostolic Faith Assembly

Running with the Vision!

We greet you in the Name of the Lord Jesus, Our Savior, declaring the multiplication of the peace and the blessing of the Lord over you!

We are compelled by the Almighty Holy Spirit to join with you, spirit to spirit, and lead you on a prophetic apostolic mission—a journey that will trace back the genesis of this Apostolic International Work, and carry you in the Spirit to the time of this most incredible release of power that the Lord has ordained for us all.

When the Spirit of the Lord spoke to us in 1994, two weeks prior to Father’s Day, and directed us to launch and birth a supernatural New Testament prototype Church, it was a shock indeed; for many in the city of Pensacola had been delivered from demonic oppression, healed from sickness and infirmity, recovered from incurable conditions and, most importantly, led to the Lord during our Friday night miracle services. As we remember together, the services only represented our presence and ministry in the city for twelve Fridays; however, the most gracious Holy Spirit would direct us, and through obedience on Father’s Day 1994, the Lord would birth this Apostolic Work with 70 adults and approximately 140 children.

As we journeyed, we encountered the saints of God attending our gatherings and watching in wonder as we were bursting at the seams in spiritual and numerical growth, demonstrating the power of a healing, saving, and delivering Lord. Their questions, “where did this church come from?” seemed to stir in the recesses of our being again, a joyful, exuberant witness of enthusiasm that our Almighty God is the Accelerator of His movements and His power.

In the next 12 months, we would continue to prophesy and predict under the mighty anointing of the Holy Spirit, “There is a mighty move of the Spirit of the Lord that will carry signs, wonders, and miracles, from this region to the ends of the Earth!” These powerful words that stirred the hearts of the community and beyond, that were captivating to a multi-cultural church family and stirring to their call, and to their desire to answer and fulfill the call of God, captivated the attention of local, as well as, national media. Our tapes and our teachings and our predictions circulated into Asia and Africa, Australia and Europe, as well as the continental United States—places that we have, as you know, journeyed and traveled in, and stirred in the power and the demonstration of the Holy Spirit prior to our directive and our assignment to this region, to Pensacola and to the five state area.

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