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Today, the Federation of Anglican Churches in the Americas (FACA) is comprised of six jurisdictions that communicate and cooperate with one another, and are in communion with one another as traditional, orthodox Anglicans, for the spread of the Gospel. The jurisdictions in FACA are the Anglican Church in America (ACA), the Anglican Mission in the Americas (AMIA), the Anglican Province in America (APA), the Diocese of the Holy Cross, the Episcopal Missionary Church (EMC), and the Reformed Episcopal Church (REC), totaling more than 400 parishes. FACA is a ministry partner of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA), with seat and voice vote.

Two conferences, one in Victoria, British Columbia in June 2011 and another in Brockton, Mass. in November, 2011, both of which VOL covered, underscored the need for Anglicans to join together for mutual support and cooperation. The 2011, an Anglican futures conference held in Brockton, MA may have been the most important event to hit the Continuing Anglican movement since the 1998 REC-APA unity talks, VOL reported.

ACA Presiding Bishop Brian Marsh said at that time that the last two years had signaled a shift toward maturity. He described the present state of the Continuum as moving into a "mature stage of our development" with an opportunity to use the gifts that God has given to create a new beginning for His holy church.

It seems clear that 2011 represented a watershed year in the life of the Continuum. In many ways, the cooperation between the leaders of the Continuing Churches have sought to find ways to come together for mutual support. Indeed, each separate jurisdiction brings its own special gifts. The Anglican Church in America, for example, operates a seminary program, Logos House of Studies; The Anglican Catholic Church maintains a publishing house; the Anglican Province of America has a superb process of building parishes.

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