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Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry announced three new initiatives and handed out awards at its annual assembly Wednesday night at St. Bernard of Clairvaux Parish in south Tulsa.

Executive director Ray Hickman said TMM is developing Tulsa Metro Mission, a program that will invite youth from across the country to come to Tulsa to do mission work. The program will be unique, he said, because it will bring together people from different faith communities, giving young people an opportunity to learn about faiths other than their own.

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TMM also is developing the Tulsa Community Chaplain program, which will provide chaplains to work with older adults in assisted living centers who are unable to get to their own faith communities or who do not have a faith community.

“As people get older, they tend to have less connection to their faith community, ” Hickman said.

And, he said, TMM is developing Tulsa Money Machine, a micro-lending program similar to programs seen in developing nations that will provide people who have little or no income or credit with resources to pay off debt and start small businesses.

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