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Precision Hub Assemblies

Hub assemblies and bearings control the position and rotation of a vehicle’s wheels, so obviously they’re a crucial component affecting safety, steering
and braking.


When a hub assembly becomes worn or starts to fail, several symptoms can occur. The most common include: a constant grinding noise, steering wheel vibration or play, or an illuminated ABS malfunction dashboard light.

If a vehicle exhibits any of these symptoms, prompt inspection is called for.

Should it turn out that the hub assembly needs to be replaced, a MOOG Hub Assembly is an excellent choice. These factory-tested MOOG components feature an exclusive premium seal design, precision-matched components, OEM-approved bearing design and an ABS sensor and plug. They’re engineered for seamless operation.

Even a high quality component like this can be compromised, however, by improper installation. So avoid common pitfalls, such as improperly torquing the spindle nut. Under torque of a spindle nut will allow excessive bearing movement, causing uneven loading and excessive wear. Over torque will cause the bearing to overheat, one of the most common causes for bearing failure.

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