Timken Front Wheel Hub assembly :: Assembly

Timken Front Wheel Hub assembly

TIMKEN 513179 Front Wheel Hub

Developing more efficient ways to create, transfer and control power can have endless societal impacts, from improved energy efficiency that saves businesses and consumers money to reduced emissions that help sustain our environment.
Here are a few examples of how Timken technology is making a powerful difference.

Creating Power
High temperatures, pressures and frictional forces in heavy diesel engines create unique challenges for equipment designers and end consumers. Cylinder liners are used in these engines to help withstand these harsh conditions while maximizing horsepower and torque through sliding motion. Timken customers are discovering that steel gives them a better option over traditional cast iron designs. Thinner Timken steel liners are more durable, increase energy efficiency and reduce the amount of machining necessary to make the liners. Steel cylinder liners also reduce engine maintenance for end users and comply with future emissions regulations while retrofitting into existing engine block designs.

Transferring Power
Planetary gear systems are used to transfer power in a variety of industries, from automotive and agriculture to aerospace and defense. Conventional systems have evolved to the point where further refinements can only result in modest performance and capacity gains. Through extensive application analysis and technology developments, Timken has increased the power density of planetary gearsets with the Timken Flex Drive. This design features a bearing assembly and annular sleeve that supports the gear and provides significant torque reduction. Studies show that the flex drive can create 50 percent more power than traditional designs ? providing greater horsepower capacity within the same space.

Controlling Power
Speed, position, direction and torque are vital pieces of information for a variety of control systems. In transmissions, it enables more efficient shifting based on torque and speed. In wheel ends and drive shafts, it provides dynamic data and power control. Timken magnetic encoders help control power by providing more accurate speed and position data for antilock braking systems and are designed to withstand harsh environments. Ultimately, this technology increases transmission efficiency in a variety of vehicles.

Timken Technical Capabilities

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Automotive Parts and Accessories (Timken)
  • Provides tight fit to the wheels
  • Transmits power without slipping
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Increases product reliability and enhances performance
  • Easy maintenance

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