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Have you ever turned the steering wheel of your car and heard that unmistakable "whirring" noise howl at you from a bad wheel bearing? Worn wheel bearings have been making this exact same noise for as long as they have existed. As they wear out, excess play develops in the bearing. This excess play, along with dastardly dust, dirt, and debris sneaking its way inside, will end up damaging the internal bearing surfaces. Once the wheel bearing surfaces are damaged, they have zero chance of survival. The wheel bearing's condition will worsen until it finally self destructs in spectacular fashion. As you can imagine, the ideal situation is to replace the wheel bearing long before it reaches the point of destruction.

Wheel HubWheel Hubs

Once you pull the wheels off of a car, the first thing that you see is the wheel hub staring straight back into your eyes. That's because the hubs are the part that the wheels bolt on to. They are round, have wheel studs sticking out of them, and are designed to spin with heavy loads sitting on them at all times. Guess what else bolts onto the hub? Brake rotors of course! Wheel hubs can be driven by the axles, or just freewheeling. Every wheel hub is, in some way, connected to a wheel bearing. They are either pressed or bolted together, and they frequently come as one "wheel hub and bearing" assembly. This makes installation significantly easier and cheaper. Just pull the old hub and bearing assembly off, and throw the new one on. No heavy duty pressing or special tools are needed.

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Automotive Parts and Accessories (GMB)
  • OE form, fit and function
  • OEM sensors and electronics for reliable Anti-Lock Braking (ABS), Traction Control (TC) and Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM) System functions
  • Heavy duty balls for extended resistance to wear
  • Precisely engineered bearing races provide maximum load capacity and service life
  • Factory sealed assembly eliminates contamination

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