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On June 23 the French National Assembly passed by majority the draft bill on the additional protocol to the Convention on Mutual Judicial Assistance in Criminal Matters between Morocco and France. Both socialist and right-wing lawmakers voted in favor of the bill.

It is worth noting that the French government had pledged, on 15 April, to fast track the bill.

The Additional Protocol, signed on 6 February in Rabat and passed on June 23 in the plenary of the National Assembly, tends to favor a more sustainable and effective cooperation between France and Morocco, in compliance with domestic law and international commitments of both

The President of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the French National Assembly Elisabeth Guigou recalled the central place given to the judicial part in the 2011 Constitution, stressing the need to support Morocco in the continuation of reforms.

This protocol is a “strong political message of confidence in Morocco, ” she has said, noting that the Moroccan reality has changed dramatically in recent years under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI.

The Additional Protocol should be seen as an act of confidence in the ability of the judiciary in Morocco and France to dialogue on good terms for better administration of justice and that judicial cooperation is in tune with bilateral cooperation Ms. Guiguo noted.

She has, in this regard, noted that Morocco is a key partner of France in the Sahel, the Near and Middle East and is an invaluable ally in the conflict resolution, whether in Libya, Mali even in the fight against radicalization.

For his part, President of the France-Morocco friendship group in the National Assembly, Luc Chatel said that Additional Protocol “in no way upsets what already exists” and “simply to facilitate the transmission of information between France and Morocco’s judicial system.

Former education minister and president of the Franco-Moroccan Friendship Association, Luc Chatel, praised the decision saying it “puts an end to a series of events that angered Morocco”

French Minister of State for Development and Francophony, Annick Girardin, told parliament: “Morocco is a friend and ally of France against terrorism. Both Morocco and France need each other more than ever.

It is worth noting that Morocco suspended all judicial co-operation with France following a diplomatic row over lawsuits in Paris that accused Morocco’s intelligence chief of complicity in torture. In February 2014 a telephone conversation between President Francois Hollande and King Mohammed VI, put an end to the diplomatic row between the two countries. “The president wanted to send a message of confidence and friendship to Morocco, ” a French diplomatic source said. “The misunderstandings have been cleared up.”

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