Remington 870 trigger assembly :: Assembly

Remington 870 trigger assembly

Ok, Remington 870 Police is very cool, it is the top level Remington 870 shotgun but it is also more expensive. Also, if you are not in US, it could be difficult to find the Remington 870 Police version.

Remington 870 Police is believed to be more reliable and sturdy than Remington 870 Express shotgun. Let’s see how you can upgrade your Remington 870 Express. Upgrades are not as expensive as you may think.

Here are 10 steps to upgrade your Remington 870 Express to Police version…

Step 1, Selecting a Good Remington 870

Check the Remington 870 you are going to buy. Take snap caps with you and check if everything is good when loading shells into magazine tube. Check if that shotgun extracts all shells reliably. Check finish of the shotgun. Disassemble shotgun and check barrel, it is very important to check chamber, it should not have marks, it should be smooth. Inspect all parts.

Step 2, Upgrading Magazine Spring

870 Police guns have a longer magazine spring, so we need a better one which ensures positive feed and function. The best magazine spring available for Remington 870 is Nordic Components magazine spring. Don’t look no further, I’ve checked many of them and there is no spring better.

Step 3, Upgrading Sear Spring

Remington 870 Sear Spring

Step 4, Upgrading Carrier Dog Spring

Carrier elevates the shell and it will be held there until the bolt can push it into the chamber. Carrier dog spring upgrade upgrade ensures positive feeding when using heavier rounds.

Step 5, Install Shorter Forend

Remington 870 Police has shorter Speedfeed forend with deep grooves.

Step 6, Install Speedfeed Stock

Heavy duty Speedfeed stocks are installed on Remington 870 Police versions. It is easy to buy and install one.

Step 7, Install Magazine Extension

Remington 870 Police has factory magazine extension installed. Please not that you may need to remove dimples inside the magazine tube.

Step 8, Install Police Trigger Group

Trigger group on Remington 870 police is made of metal, it is believed to be more durable.

Step 9, Install Non-MIM Extractor

Police version of a shotgun has non-MIM extractor which is more reliable. It is easy to install it.

Step 10, Paint Your Shotgun

Finish is much better on Remington 870 Police. You need to get Duarcoat or other gun paint and paint your shotgun in color you like.

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