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SKS trigger assembly for Sale

SKS Trigger Group For Sale

Early Original Military All Milled Chinese SKS Rifles

Ad Update 4/24/2015 - This is our second offering on Chinese SKS rifles and it appears these will be our last. We are told that there are no more available for import that come anywhere close to meeting the aging requirement as to being stored in a non prohibited country for enough time to make them importable. This group of rifles comes from a different importer than our previous group and from our inspection of random samples they appear to be somewhat better condition than our original batch. We were told by the importer that they paid a premium over their competition to get the upper end rifles, and while none of these are beauty queens, they do appear to be nicer overall.

Now, more about the rifles.

These historic and highly popular Chi-Com rifles were banned from importation by the Clinton Administration in the early 1990's. This small group of rifles was stored in a neutral country for over 20 years before being granted an exception for import and are now here at Classic Firearms for sale to you.
Rifles are complete and functional but expect varying degrees of bluing wear ( some heavy, some less ), and stocks with dents, dings, scratches, digs, gouges, and discoloration from service use, handling and storage. Further concerning the stocks, most stocks are solid but some may have small cracks. We have not found any that are broken or unsafe to use as these have all been sorted out by the importer. You can expect a good solid shooter, but in most cases, not a pretty stock. Now I like the way they look overall and many are actually pretty nice but to be clear, and so nobody can say we didn't say it couldn't happen, expect an ugly stock.
Again, the vast majority of stocks are solid and intact and none are broken but a small percentage will have cracks of varying degrees in the wood and we do not warranty against cracked stocks. If the chance of receiving a cracked stock gun is a deal breaker for you then don't buy one. Also, while we feel good about the rifles there may be some surface rust or pitting in the metal either visible or not visible under the surface of the stock. Rifles with excessive visible rust have been sorted out of this lot but these rifles have not been dis-assembled to check for hidden rust under the surface of the stocks. Regardless, we have never seen any degree of rust, even in our original batch of rifles ( which were not as nice overall as these ) that would create cause for concern from a function or safety standpoint. As such, any rust issues would be considered by us to be cosmetic and therefore not warrantied for return. Again, if the possiblity of rust being there is a deal breaker, do not buy one.

Much like our last group of rifles, these rifles were originally packed in fairly heavy cosmoline for long term protection during storage. However, unlike our last group of rifles some of the heavy external cosmoline has been wiped off by the importer during their sorting and grading process. This allowed the importer to more accurately determine if any parts were missing and they have assured us that all rifles have been checked to ensure that they are mechanically complete. I.E. - no missing internals such as op rods, springs, pistons, etc,

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