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This school is not a bad school at all. Any reviews that have said it's bad are very untrue. The only thing that is bad is if you were in an advanced class prior to entering this school, you'll be repeating everything over again. You will be learning the same things you learned the year before. You will not be learning anything new in your first year. Some things will be new, but a lot may be a review. That would probably be the biggest concern seeing as you won't learn much in your first year. If you were not in an advanced class, then you will learn curriculum that is new to you, but, you won't jump right into it automatically, there will be a period of review before the actual work starts.

- Students are very nice as well as very accepting. You will not be discriminated against, nor will you be bullied. Everyone is welcoming and will not say anything that would hurt you.
- Teachers are well educated, they are able to teach and make sure you actually understand what you're teaching. They will also take time out of their day in order for you to fully understand what was discussed in class. They are not in it for the money, they are actually in it for the education of students.
- Homework is not a thing given excessively. You will have a lot of free time due to the small amount of homework given. Each teacher will give homework only once or twice a week, some teachers won't even give any homework, unless a topic learned in class was hard, or wasn't completed. There will be days where you don't even have any homework at all. They will not overload you with assignments.
- Most teachers are very friendly and you may even come across teachers that you can talk to like their your friend. In this school, you will call all the teachers by their first names rather than Mr. so and so..
- Everyone in this school is very sociable.. as long as you're willing to talk to people, you will make friends instantly. Don't be afraid to talk to people because they won't be afraid to talk to you. You'll make many friends almost instantly.
- When you have the class advisory, depending on your teacher, it may easily just become a party. Some advisory classes just allow you to hang out and talk to your friends. Teachers may even be nice enough to bring in candy/chips and soda and they'll play music. It will literally be a party. The first month, you'll have advisory five times a week.. but then once the month is over, you'll start and English Literature class which will replace advisory, for three times a week. That class is a class where you read and then write about what you read. You're allowed to bring food and mats to get comfortable during these classes. Once you have this class, you will have advisory for two times a week. Wednesdays is progress report days, every week, you will get a progress...

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