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Urban Assembly of Music and Arts

Pic 1BRIC’s Education Program strives to bring students, teachers, and media together. Using hands-on techniques to help students better understand a range of academic subjects and technical skills, artist teachers are sent directly into the classroom for in-school residencies.

Recently, BRIC teamed up with the Urban Assembly for Music and Art (UAMA) to help students learn to create short form video. UAMA students have launched their after school program, X-Channel, to be aired in school and on the Brooklyn Public Network, with guidance from teaching artist Lindsay Harris and teaching assistant Greg Elysee For their first assignment the X-Channel crew took a trip to BRIC House to learn about live television production and interview BRIC Producers about their hopes, dreams, and careers in media.

Pic 2 Genesis Franklin interviewing Kecia Elan Cole, photo by Jill Beale
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