Pool Table assembly instructions :: Assembly

Pool Table assembly instructions

Brunswick pool table assembly
Hi, this is a collaboration between me (knextremist) and KneXtreme on instructions for his amazing pool table. I built his table from the pictures that he posted and upon asking him if I could post instructions, he suggested a collaboration, so, that is what we are doing. I built his table, then proceeded to modify certain things and strengthen inner supports. There are, in this instructable, certain pieces that are optional. I do show instructions for these said pieces. Many of my modifications were made due to the fact that I needed to accommodate the use of the thicker red tubing. KneXtreme used the thinner orange tubing, Instructions will be shown for the use of both.

Alright so, the stats given by KneXtreme can be modified slightly. I used thicker dowels for pool cues to make them stronger (1/2"). Due to this, my cue holder is modified as well. I also used a slightly thicker board with larger dimensions which will be specified in image notes throughout the instructable. Also, the width and length of the board can differ slightly without causing any catastrophe.

Note: The cover photo was made by KneXtreme.
The instructions, except for step 24 which was made by KneXtreme, were made by knetremist.
The original table was constructed by KneXtreme
The instructions show how to build knextremist's, ever-so-slightly, different table.

Enough with this, let's get started with your materials! Onward and forward.

P.S. Follow all of the numbered picture notes at each step and any image notes.

***KneXtreme and I would GREATLY appreciate it if you would vote for this 'ible in the Toy Rods and Connectors Contest.***

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