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Fellowship - praising God - talks from the Bible: Main meeting in HollandWe are a Bible-believing, Pentecostal Church spreading the Word of God and making disciples in many countries around the world. Our growing house groups meet on Wednesdays and Sundays for Bible study and fellowship, as well as for fellowship and work every second Saturday. We believe and know that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

All our members have experienced the New Testament pattern of salvation from sin: repentance, water baptism by full immersion and the baptism of the Holy Spirit (receiving the Holy Ghost with the sign of speaking in tongues). These three steps of becoming a Christian are described in ACTS 2:38 and have transformed our lives. Everyone must be born again to be able to enter the Kingdom of God (see JOHN 3:1-5) and live the eternal life, which is freely given.

Through faith in Jesus Christ we are privileged to continuously see life-changing miracles and miraculous healing. We believe the Bible to be reliable, and we read the King James Version, the Bible God has anointed to be instrumental in many revivals throughout the English-speaking world.

About these Assemblies…

Christian Assemblies [Europe] International, which is "Pentecostal" in influence, consists of house groups, which provide the support and fellowship within which each new-born Christian can learn of God's Ways for their new life. We enjoy a close-knit family atmosphere and help each other both in spiritual and practical ways, as described in the Bible; living a Christian life every day of the week.

Fellowship - praising God - talks from the Bible: Main meeting in Holland

Compared with the more "charismatic” style of worship seen elsewhere today, we are quite conservative and retain many of the "old ways" of our forefathers. They based their faith and beliefs solidly on ALL of the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, and we have gained a great measure of our teaching and wisdom from these faithful pioneers (see ISAIAH 46:9). On this site you will find more about our history, testimonies of God's life-changing power, and convincing evidence showing the truth of God's Word.

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