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Faith Assembly of God, 8023 Huebner Rd.
Assembly of God is the world’s largest Pentecostal denomination.

My experience
I arrived at about 8:50 for the 9:00 meeting at Faith Church on the Sunday of Daylight Savings. In the effort to avoid a repeat of last week’s awkwardness, I introduced myself as a visitor to the lady standing at the counter in the foyer area. She handed me a welcome folder that included a one-page monthly newsletter, an explanation of Faith Church’s beliefs, a calendar, a registration card, and a pen. Then she took me down the hall to show me the kids’ room and the snack table (in case you didn’t have time to eat this morning, there is always coffee, donuts, and fruit), and then indicated the pastor’s office—he likes to meet with visitors for a few minutes after the service. (Eek!) She welcomed me and showed me into the chapel area.

The chapel was shaped like a baseball diamond with a raised stage at the front and three areas of pews with two aisles. At the very back was a sound booth. It was quite small—the smallest chapel I’ve been to so far—and it felt intimate. There was a group on the stage playing rock-style worship music, which consisted of drums, a bass guitar, a keyboardist/singer, and four other singers. On the left side of the stage, on the floor facing the left area of pews, there was a woman in a bright red sequined dress moving to the music while waving alternately a red flag, a pale rainbow flag, or a crown on a red velvet and tasseled pillow. She wasn’t performing for anyone in particular, I don’t believe, as she looked off into the distance.

There were only about 8 people in the congregation by 9:00, which I assume this was because of Daylight Savings time—the leaders joked that everyone was still sleeping. I sat in the back, and an older lady who had heard me introduce myself as a visitor on the way in came over and hugged me and welcomed me. As the music continued a few more people trickled in, and by the time the music stopped at about 9:25, there were about 20 people there (eight of whom were probably church leadership).

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