Dana 60 Hub assembly :: Assembly

Dana 60 Hub assembly

QU30139 GM Dana 60 SRW Hub and

Dana 60 Front Axle Parts

All parts are for kingpin Dana 60 front axles. Part numbers listed are for GM front axles unless noted otherwise. Parts for GM Ford, and Dodge axles are available even if they aren't listed, call for more info.

Most GM, Ford, and Dodge D60 front axles use the same outer rebuild parts. There are variations in the spindles, knuckles, brakes and axle shafts but they're very similar in the kingpins, wheel bearings, u-joints, seals, etc.

All GM D60 front axles were kingpin style.

Ford front axles used kingpins until sometime in 1993, then they used ball joints. 1993-97 Ford Dana 60's use the same wheel bearings, u-joints, spindle seals/bearings, etc as any kingpin Dana 60.

Dodge D60's used kingpins through 1993, then switched to ball joints. Early Dodge D60's used an external spline (bolt on type) locking hub but can be converted using our single wheel bearing hubs.

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GM Dana 60 front U-bolt Plates, 5/8" steel plate, for 2-1/2" wide springs #GU37052 - $49/pair

GM Dana 60 front U-bolt Plates, 5/8" steel plate, for 2-1/2" wide springs, with provision for 73-87 Chevy factory sway bar - #GU37052-Mts - $80/pair

Dodge Dana 60 U-Bolt Plates, 5/8" Steel Plate, for 2-1/2" wide springs #DU37054 - $49/pair

1997 and older front Ford Dana 60 U-bolt plates, 5/8" steel plate, requires the housing to be notched, for 2-1/2" wide springs #FU37053 - $49/pair

**GM D60 plates shown, top picture is without sway bar mounts and bottom picture is with sway bar mounts**

GM Dana 60 front U-bolt kit, our kit is versatile and works with very thin and thick spring packs
$48 #GU37051

Dodge Dana 60 front u-bolt kit, (3) u-bolts and (2) bolts - $48 #DU37055

1997 and older Ford D60 U-bolt kit, round U-bolts with nuts on top using our U-bolt plates
$48 #FU37056

**GM D60 U-bolt kit shown**

D60 ARB Air Locker, 4.56 and up - $1107 Buy Now **Comes with free HD line kit **

Crane Hi Clearance front Dana 60 differential cover. Made in the US from chromoly steel, lifetime warranty!

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