Hub assembly Installation :: Assembly

Hub assembly Installation

Hub Assembly Installation

New Front Wheel Hub Bearing Assembly fits 2WD with ABS. Fitment for the following vehicles:

1998-2005 GMC S15 Jimmy 2WD w/ABS

1998-2005 Chevy S10 Blazer 2WD w/ABS

Instructions for replacing a front hub assembly on a 2001 2-wheel drive Chevrolet Blazer.

1. First determine which hub assembly is worn by removing the suspected tire/wheel.

2. I would recommend placing the vehicle on a jack stand for safety reasons. I placed mine on the boxed frame rail directly below the front door hinges. 3. After removing the tire, spin the rotor to verify the worn bearing assembly. If the assembly is worn when spinning, the rotor may sound like the disc pads are dragging, or grinding.

4. To completely verify that the bearing is bad, remove the disc caliber assembly and spin again, if it’s still making noise you know the sealed hub assembly is bad. Hint: Place something on the floor to hold the caliber up in the air to take the stress off the brake line when you lift off the assembly. Also remove the lid on your Power Disc brake reservoir, this will allow the caliber to be easier to remove and re-install later.

5. To remove the brake caliber there are 2-18mm bolts that feed thru the caliber assembly from the back to the side you are looking at. This can be done with either an 18 mm box wrench or short socket with breaker bar. These are the 2 bolts on the caliber assembly, one on each end.

6. Next remove rotor by removing the 2 rotor retaining washers (mine were copper in color) that are on the lug nut studs. They look almost like an inverted star washers and side over the lug nut stud threads to hold the rotors in place.

7. Slide off rotor assembly pulling the rotor toward your body and over the wheel lug studs.

8. Do a visual inspection on the new hub assembly to get a feel for the removal of the old hub. This will give you an idea of how the hub assembly bolts to the spindle and the direction for the ABS wire lead routing.

9. Unplug the ABS sensor wire; this connector is located up on the frame rail right above the upper control arm assembly. Just follow the wire up to the connector from the hub assembly.

10. The hub assembly is held in place by 3-18mm bolts that feed thru the spindle from the backside. You can use a box wrench for the 2 lower bolts but I would recommend using a shallow socket for the top bolt. These bolts have some kind of lock tight or similar material to prevent them from backing out. I used a 3 lb. hammer to tap on the breaker bar/ box wrench to initially loosen. Make sure you are rotating the bolt counter clockwise direction when removing so as not to break any of the bolts off in the spindle.

11. After the 3 bolts are removed from the hub assembly you may have to hit the hub assembly a few times with the 3 lb. hammer to break it loose from the spindle. Mine was rusted together and needed a few taps with the hammer. Clean out any dirt/grime.

12. Installation procedure is just the opposite of the removal.

13. Install the new hub assembly but I would place some lock tight on the threads of the 3 bolts. Tighten well with a few taps from the 3 lb. hammer. Careful don’t go crazy and break the bolts off.

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