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Timken Hub assembly

paypal creditHyundai Genesis Coupe 2010-2015, Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly by Timken®. Bring back the factory-like condition of your vehicle with Timken Wheel Hubs. Constructed from premium materials, these wheel hubs guarantee accurate fit and durability.


  • Designed to effectively reduce friction
  • Ultimate load handling capability
  • Made of high quality materials for long service life
  • Special coatings provide for additional corrosion resistance
  • Special seal designs help keep lubrication in and contamination out
  • Seal and shield configurations help protect internal bearing components and retain lubricants
  • Constructed to meet high performance standards

The wheel hub assembly plays a critical role in the overall performance of a car or a truck. Its main purpose is to hold the wheel and tire together by providing ample support all the time. This is very important to keep the vehicle moving continuously through the rotation of the wheel and the tire. Bearings are components that make a vehicle's motion possible, allowing moving parts to rotate with minimal friction and taking a load. Without bearings, the vehicle's parts would quickly wear out from friction. Typically, bearings in a vehicle have to deal with radial and thrust loading. Radial load makes the bearing rotate or roll as a result of tension. Thrust load, or axial load, is associated with the bearing's carrying capacity and is applied parallel to the bearing's axis. When it comes to the vehicle, its weight carry a radial load, however, when it goes around a turn, the bearings deal with a thrust load from the cornering forces.

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