French Revolution National Assembly :: Assembly

French Revolution National Assembly

Assignat - French

July 14 Mob of Parisian citizens storms Bastille prison and confiscates weapons

July 20 Rural violence of Great Fear breaks out; peasants lash out at feudal landlords for several weeks

August 4 August Decrees release peasants and farmers from feudal contracts

August 26 Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen issued

October 5 Parisian women march to Versailles in response to food crisis

Key People

Louis XVI - French king; was forced to accept August Decrees and Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen when angry mob of women stormed Versailles in 1789

Jacques Necker - Director general of finance sacked by Louis XVI in 1789; public outrage prompted his reinstatement

Marquis de Lafayette - Nobleman who sided with National Assembly and created French National Guard

The Tennis Court Oath

Three days after splitting from the Estates-General, the delegates from the Third Estate (now the National Assembly) found themselves locked out of the usual meeting hall and convened on a nearby tennis court instead. There, all but one of the members took the Tennis Court Oath, which stated simply that the group would remain indissoluble until it had succeeded in creating a new national constitution.

Upon hearing of the National Assembly’s formation, King Louis XVI held a general gathering in which the government attempted to intimidate the Third Estate into submission. The assembly, however, had grown too strong, and the king was forced to recognize the group. Parisians had received word of the upheaval, and revolutionary energy coursed through the city. Inspired by the National Assembly, commoners rioted in protest of rising prices. Fearing violence, the king had troops surround his palace at Versailles.

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