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This page contains a comparison of salaries for state legislators in the 50 states. This page was last updated in May 2014, using data from NCSL.

Salaries of state legislators are determined in four ways.

No matter how they are determined, salaries of state legislators are a hot button issue. While frequently drawing the ire of the press and the public, many both inside and outside of state government agree that keeping compensation competitive is key to keeping the state legislature open to more people. "It’s clear that with higher salaries you get a broader range of people serving in the legislature that more accurately reflects the population as a whole, " said Peverill Squire of the University of Missouri.

Paid $90, 526/year, California's legislators earn $6, 514 more per year than the next highest-paid lawmakers in Pennsylvania. Legislators in Mississippi earn the lowest yearly salary, at $10, 000 per year. New Hampshire legislators are paid $200 per two-year term. Legislators in New Mexico are the only ones to make no salary; though they do earn $159/day in per diem.

The following table details the salaries and per diem compensation for state legislators across the country.

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