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Richard GottfriedRichard N. Gottfried represents the 75th Assembly District, covering Chelsea, Hells Kitchen, Murray Hill, Midtown and part of the Lincoln Center area in Manhattan. He is chair of the Assembly Health Committee since 1987. He is a leading state health policy-maker not only in New York but also nationally.
He was a major architect of New York's landmark managed care reforms, and is continuing to fight for stronger protections for consumers and health care providers, and public support for universal access to quality, affordable health care.
Highlights of his legislative work include the passage of: the Prenatal Care Assistance Program for low income women; the Child Health Plus Program, which allows low- and moderate-income parents to get free or low-cost health insurance for their children; the law that gives patients access to information about a doctor's background and malpractice record; Family Health Plus, which provides free health coverage for low-income adults; the Health Care Proxy Law, which allows people to designate an agent to make health care decisions for them if they lose decision-making capacity; simplification of enrollment in publicly-financed programs (such as Medicaid); the Family Health Care Decision Act, which allows family members to make health care decisions when a person is incapacitated and has not filled out a health care proxy; the HIV Testing and Confidentiality Law; and laws that promotes stronger primary and preventive care and formation of accountable care organizations (ACOs).
In the Legislature, he has been the leading proponent of patient autonomy, especially in end-of-life care, and reproductive freedom. He also sponsors the N.Y. Health bill to create a universal publicly funded single-payer health coverage plan for New York State. Each year, he has fought to protect and increase funding for Medicaid, school health clinics, HIV/AIDS services, and other health concerns.
Mr. Gottfried introduced the first same-sex marriage bill in the Assembly in 2003, and was a co-sponsor of the bill that became law in 2011. He also sponsors the Gender Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA), to prohibit discrimination based on gender identity (transgender); a bill to prohibit NY-licensed health professionals from cooperating in the torture or improper treatment of prisoners; and the bill to legalize the use of medical marijuana.
He was the author of the 1998 Hudson River Park law that establishes the park and protects the River and the waterfront for all New Yorkers. He sponsored the legislation that created the Javits Convention Center and the recent law to expand it.
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