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The once-a-decade drawing of legislative district lines has snarled in New York State, where proposals from an Albany task force are now heading for consideration by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and a court has released draft lines for congressional districts.

Our map shows each of the proposals for district lines so far: Assembly and Senate lines from the state legislative task force, and congressional lines from a special master appointed by panel of federal judges.

The revised legislative lines are very similar to those the task force proposed in January. Minor alterations include a switch of downtown Syracuse from Senate District 50 to 53 and, in Queens, the addition of a two-block section to the 12th district to include the residence of incumbent Senator Michael Gianaris, who effectively would have been forced into a primary with another Democrat.

Redrawing New York: A timeline

Jan. 26, 2012: State legislative task force releases proposed district lines for Senate and Assembly.

Jan. 27: Cuomo vows to veto the task force proposal. “The maps are unacceptable…. I think anyone who looks at the maps will see the political machinations. You don’t have to look hard.”

Feb. 27: A three-judge panel in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District appoints Magistrate Judge Roanne Mann as special master and instructs her to propose congressional lines.

Feb. 29: Senate and legislature, having failed to come to agreement on proposed congressional lines, submit separate proposals to Judge Mann.

March 6: Judge Mann releases draft congressional maps, which would 154, 340 words of text.

March 12: Task force releases Senate and Assembly proposals as data files; Judge Mann releases a revised proposal for congressional lines.

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