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Mosin Nagant trigger assembly

25 Yard Target after 8 rounds

Bone Stock

When I set out on this project, my plan was to try and build a semi-precision rifle on a budget. I planned to use a Mosin Nagant M44 that I have had for more than a decade. It has spent the majority of its time in my possession living in the dark, seldom seen corner of my gun safe. I think the last time it saw use was at least seven years ago. I never shot it consistently, and I figured out why when I started this project. I found while working on it, that the barrel is bent. Well, that M44 just became a parts gun and I was now in need of a rifle on which to install the ever growing pile of parts I had ordered.

I was never much fond of the M44. While the shorter barrel length made the gun much handier, the side-folding attached bayonet and the related mount cluttered up the barrel end of the gun. Since I needed a new gun for this project, I decided to start with a 91/30. I picked one up for the bank account breaking price of $159 at a local sporting goods store. It was still covered in cosmoline when they handed it to me to inspect, but the bore looked good and the trigger was one of the better stock Mosin triggers I personally have encountered. The particular gun I picked up is a 1943 dated Russian gun made in the Izhevsk factory.100 yard target after 8 rounds If you have one and are trying to identify it, I found.

Upon getting the gun home, I began the tedious task of removing the cosmoline. To make this job slightly easier, I completely disassembled the rifle, including disassembling the bolt. It took me nearly 90 minutes to remove the rust protectant grease from the various parts of the gun. Once it was gone, and I had scrubbed the barrel extensively, I reassembled it. Now that I could handle it without greasing myself or my clothing up, I began examining it closer, taking note of the fairly good overall condition of a gun built 70 years ago, and stored for God only knows how long and where. One thing that I keep coming back to is how ridiculously long this gun is. Not only is it really long, the very thin forend on this gun just adds to the long, lanky appearance.

While I do have my own shooting range at my place, the distance is limited to 75 yards, and since I wanted to consistently test this gun at 100 yards, I had to wait until the weather and children’s school schedules finally cooperated. Those stars aligned, mostly as it was rather windy, but I hit a local shooting range anyway to get a baseline on which all future modifications will be compared.

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