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SIG Sauer P250 trigger assembly

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Few months ago I bought the Sig P250 .40 subcompact and have shot it multiple times. The only downfall I have found with this gun is the long trigger pull. I know a few other people who have had the same issue. What I was wondering and would love the opinions of others is if it would be worth changing out the trigger to a short pull?

TheSarge says ...

It depends. If you are a LEO, then you'll need to check with your agency.

A .40 in a subcompact can really spank you. Maybe 50 rounds then take a nap.

Have an authorized armorer look into installing a short reset trigger SRT). Only OEM parts. Caveat: Check with Sig to see if this part for this weapon is even available.


Personal weapon

The kick is not so bad (at least I don't think so). The problem I have is my finger gets really tired from pulling the trigger.

My normal go to gun is my P6 9mm, which has a shorter pull, so the issue really is with the anticipation on the exact firing time with my .40 b/c of the longer pull.

They do have the part, but just wanted to get opinion on whether it was worth the change or not. Maybe will just keep practicing and see if it becomes easier.

Thank you for the response and information :)

Then have at and have fun shooting. ;)

Thanks, Skoolcop, for the info. Always get goooood stuff from Skoolcop.

Check out the Facebook page. It was established in 2008.

collvm says ...

Thank you both for the response!! :)

Will try giving it a little more time at the range and then go from there.

If still feels like I need the shorter pull will have it changed out.

I have shot my P226 .40 so much that I don't even notice the long and heavy trigger pull that others have mentioned or complained to me about when shooting it. You may well get used to it also on your P250 also.

I love my Sig. Mine is outfitted in similar fashion to the one pictured above, complete with tac rail and Hogue grips.

If a person is firing as much as you say you are it is only natural that the finger would become tired, no matter the pounds of pressure en re to said trigger pull or what calibur weapon you use.The trigger pull can be adjusted.With my Police Division it was mandatory we fire eight time per year, including voluntary practice.

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